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New York State Theater No. 8 - Stage Floor

Sprung Floors

"In certain details, such as a special stage floor built with springs, [NYCB's] requirements were complex. But their needs for stage mechanisms and equipment were simple by comparison with the elaborate technology considered necessary in a modern opera house." [1]

Learn more about sprung floors:

Light Towers

“Balanchine was equally insistent that the steel light towers on either side of the stage would block the normal points of entry for his dancers. They were removed and a hanging light bridge was installed.” [1]

Stage Color

“A third change was related to the color of the stage and room floors. Johnson had chosen a maroon-colored linoleum to harmonize with the color scheme of his theater. When the lighting experts saw it, they realized at once that it would reflect its color onto the dancers and their costumes; it was replaced by a light grey linoleum that would be neutral in its light reflections, and the maroon floor covering was salvaged and used in other backstage areas.” [1]

Dancers test out the stage flooring while the theater is under construction:

Patricia Neary, Balanchine in background. Photo by Bob Serating

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